PadB logoWorking in connection with Durham Christian Partnership, Pad-B is a life-changing programme to help people who are looking for any form of support. We offer a compassionate personal approach to recovery from mental health issues and addiction.

“Pad-B” means to “press a different button”, to do things differently in order to experience life to its fullest. The Pad B programme is set out to help people build confidence, change thought patterns and get involved in fun activities and the local community.Friday drama group

Pad-B is a project founded by Stu Clark.  Pad-B stands for Push A Different Button, which in short, means to try new things. It seeks to reach people who are struggling with mental health issues, addiction, homelessness and loneliness - by offering a safe-space for people to just be - to exist, to live, to laugh and to take the necessary steps to recovery at their pace.

At the heart of Pad-B is the Evangel church, which has become Pad-B's headquarters. It is here that you will find us, usually in the middle of a heated game of scrabble.  Pad-B welcomes everyone, so don't be concerned about our church
headquarters if you're none Christian! 

We like to stay pro-active here, which is why we fill our week with plenty of workshops and group sessions, which offer moments to wind-down, to get excited and to learn a thing or two. We offer something for everyone, and we welcome new ideas too. 

“I have seen so many changes in people’s lives, from sadness into joy from shyness to confidence; it’s a wonderful thing to experience."

Our core values at Pad-B are love, community, peace and recovery. We absolutely believe everyone can recover with time, love, support and dedication.  Here at Pad-B we love each other, we are no longer friends, but a family who build each other up. You don't have to struggle alone. We do not and cannot judge. We have all got our stories to tell. 


We like to get involved here at PadB.

Throughout the week, we run lots of groups and partake in plenty of activities that are sure to warm your heart and build your confidence. To see what we have to offer, take a look at our website