Durham StreetLights is a joint initiative of Durham churches, which aims to show God’s love by offering practical and emotional support to people on the streets at night and in the early hours of the morning.
Working in partnership with Durham Police and Council, StreetLights volunteers are people who care, listen and provide practical support for anyone in Durham city centre on Friday and Saturday nights.

 Who we are – Volunteers, mainly from churches in Durham.

 What we do – Care for people, help them to enjoy a safe evening out.

 Why we do it – We believe it’s the sort of thing Jesus would do. (He was always getting told off for hanging out with people who ate and drank too much!)

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Streetlights was 10 years old in 2020!

StreetLights is similar to programmes such as Street Angels and Street Pastors. Now present in over 100 UK cities these have a positive impact on crime and antisocial behaviour in town centres (particularly in the vicinity of bars and clubs) by providing a calming presence on the streets late at night.

Volunteers are available to assist people who need help. Practical support can include flip-flops for those whose shoes are missing or unsuitable, water, space blankets in the cold, phoning a friend, helping to re-unite people with those they came out with, helping them to a taxi, bus or ambulance. Volunteers listen to people, pray for them, talk with them and refer them to other agencies if they need more specialist help.

StreetLights volunteers believe that people in need, particularly young people, deserve care and support. The needs of these individuals may be the result of homelessness, drunkenness, drug abuse or any other issue, which has caused personal distress or the potential for physical harm. Volunteers help people whoever they are and whatever their situation.

 Volunteers are over 18, interviewed and trained. We aim to have volunteers out on the streets every Saturday night between around 10pm and 3am.


StreetLights depends entirely on volunteers. We need volunteers to:

Join us out on the streets

To join our patrols you need to be over 18, willing to attend initial and ongoing training and commit to going out at least once a month – more often if you want. You also need to be able to cope with long / late nights, drunk people (with everything that goes with that) and still keep cheerful!

​Pray for us

We have a group of supporters who pray regularly for us.  If you can support us in this way please contact [email protected]

Support us financially

All our funding has come from donations. We need funding to pay for training, uniforms, flipflops, foil blankets, bottles of water, first aid supplies, stationery and other equipment. For more information on StreetLights and how to donate to support our work, see our website at streetlights20.wixsite.com/streetlights



Streetlights send out a team on a Saturday night to offer practical and emotional support to those out in Durham.  Our aim is to make the city a safer place and take the light of Christ to those who are vulnerable or in need of help. We would love some more volunteers. It is interesting, challenging and sometimes even fun! 

For more information about a taster shift, or if you would like to volunteer with us, please complete our Volunteer Enquiry Form.