Would you like to volunteer with Durham Christian Partnership? We would love to hear from you!


If you have any questions about the application process please check the FAQs below,

or contact the office on 0191 303 8623 and we will be happy to help.

The first step to volunteering with us is to visit the project and try out volunteering!

Organise a good time to visit the project, feel free to try out different roles that you are interested in. If you enjoy your experience and want to volunteer, you can then complete the application process.

For details of possible and current volunteer roles, please see the volunteering roles page on our website.

If you are interested in volunteering please use the form below to contact us and arrange a visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an application form to fill out?

We try to only collect the data we need to be able to communicate effectively with our volunteers and match them with volunteering opportunities. If you are having any difficulty completing the form please contact the office and we will be happy to go through it with you.


Why do you ask for references?

Volunteers can be involved in sensitive situations and are put in positions of trust, for example dealing with money at the shop and dealing with confidential information. We need to ensure that users of our services can have full confidence in our volunteers. References help us to achieve this objective.


Who should I ask to provide a reference?

One reference can be a personal referee, for example a friend or neighbour. The second referee should be either a church leader or someone who knows you in a professional capacity, for example a current or former employer or a volunteer manager from another organisation. Alternatively a professional who has know you for sometime, for example someone from a statutory agency (such as a teacher, member of the emergency services, social worker) can also be a referee. If you would you like further advice on this matter please contact the office.


If I want to volunteer for more than one project do I need to fill out another application form?

No, you just need to complete the application form once and let the office know if there is another project you would like to get involved with.


Can I claim expenses e.g. bus fares or mileage?

Yes, volunteers can claim out of pocket expenses, details of which expenses can be claimed and how to claim will be provided to all new volunteers.