“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances…”  

Wise words from Paul in a letter to the Thessalonians.  We want prayer to run through all that DCP does, an essential and integral part of each project and each day.

Supporters are invited to pray for the work of DCP and can use the prayer points below to guide their prayers. We greatly value supporters partnering with us in this way.

Volunteers are encouraged to pray within their project and for the people they meet. For more information about volunteering, see our volunteering page.

People prayingPrayer has a hugely important place in the life of DCP. Put simply, prayer is communicating with God - listening and talking to him. As a Christian organisation this is central to what we do, and how we do it! Below are some ideas about how to pray within the context of DCP. We know that not everyone has a faith and we do not want anyone to feel pressure to pray. Each volunteer is a valued member of the team and should feel comfortable to volunteer in a way that fits with their particular beliefs.


“Your prayer life is at its best when you pray small prayers continually, rather than big prayers occasionally”

Pete Greig

 Hands clasped in prayer

Personal prayer... Send quick and short arrow prayers whilst you volunteer. Or pray when you have a few minutes spare, for example when waiting for the kettle to boil! Pray for the people you meet, the work you have to do, help in difficult times or when you don’t know how to respond to a difficult situation. 


“To know that Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, the Ruler of the whole universe, has his ear open to our personal, individual prayer, that he will do what we ask Him to do, individually, is one of the most exciting experiences anybody can ever have”                  

Derek Prince


Praying for others

Praying with people who we meet through the projects is something we know has blessed people immeasurably. It can feel a bit daunting the first few times, but it is a wonderful way to show people that they matter and we care about them and their future.

 Here are a few simple guidelines to follow:
  1. Offer to pray, say something along these lines in a way that feels comfortable and natural...

“We are Christians and we believe Jesus hears and answers our prayers. What would you like God to help you with?”

  1. Identify one specific and practical need to pray about...

“What would you specifically like us to pray about?”

  1. Pray a short prayer, no longer than 12 seconds, using easy to understand English, free of religious jargon...

“Jesus - we ask you to help [name] to find a job so they have money each month to pay the rent. Amen”