Members play a distinctive and important role within the life of DCP and we are grateful to all members for the support they give in different ways.

The Role of Members

Members are asked to complete a membership form stating that they will both support the ethos and objectives of the charity and will encourage and advocate the objectives of the charity. So, how can members do this?

Supporting the Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for the running of Durham Christian Partnership and have a duty to make sure the charity is governed correctly. Members can support them in this through taking an active interest in what's going on and keeping the Trustees accountable. Members can also offer their support in practical ways, offering their time, expertise and skills in particular areas. If you have experience or knowledge that you think might be useful please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!



Prayer is an essential factor in the life of Durham Christian Partnership. Members can support DCP through praying for all aspects of its work. Prayer points can be found in the Prayer section of our website.


Attending the Annual General Meeting and Annual Social will also help members keep up to date with what has been happening in the life of DCP. Members will receive a copy of the Annual Report and a newsletter twice a year that will update members on developments within the organisation.


Members of DCP agree that:

  • they are in sympathy with the Christian faith
  • they support the ethos and objectives of the charity
  • they will encourage and advocate the objectives of the charity

More information on being a member can be found in the DCP Membership Leaflet.

To become a member of DCP, please complete the Membership Form.