Many people experience problems with their finances in one way or another over their lifetime. This can be for many reasons. The most important thing to do is to get help.

Debt advice work is life changing. It’s not just about money, it is about enabling people to escape from circumstances that have blighted their lives.

"The day I met the CMACD advisor was one of the best days of my life. She has sorted everything out for me, put everything into simple terms and order. I am now trying, with her help, to sort myself out and going forward one day at a time"

Debt can cause the breakdown of relationships, ill-health, homelessness, depression, fear, anger and shame. It can also potentially lead to serious addiction problems and even suicide.

Community Money Advice County Durham offer a free, non-judgemental, confidential service for anyone struggling with financial issues, debt or managing their money. We offer appointments in person at a number of foodbank centres across the county, for details of opening times please see the list at the end of this page. We can also advise by telephone, email, post or video link. In special circumstances we can arrange home visits.  Our advisers will work with you in a method which you feel most the comfortable.

How we work

At the first meeting with you we gather information on your current situation and address any urgent matters such as threats of bailiff action, repossession or court actions.

We will contact the companies you have debts with and put your accounts on hold until we can evaluate your case. We will work through your income and expenditure, making sure you are claiming any benefits to which you may qualify, and we help you create a budget for your day to day expenses.

We will review your situation and explain to you the options you have to deal with your debts.  Then we help you to implement the solution that you have decided to take.   If you do not have enough money to repay your creditors, we will help you find alternative solutions including helping you through a legal insolvency procedure such as a debt relief order or bankruptcy if needed.

Clients often come to us feeling a range of emotions about their financial situation but stress is usually high on that list.  We deal with any immediate threats such as evictions, repossessions and bailiffs to put such actions on hold whilst we review the situation and then explain the options available to deal with the problem. We reduce the stress of debt to help people understand where they are; we take the burden off their shoulders by being a shield from the threatening letters; we give them a plan, make arrangements and negotiate agreements. When appropriate we can arrange for debts to be written off.   Our clients can have more hope, they are back in control of their situation and they can see hope beyond the spiral of debt. 

Make a positive move today 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the right way forward

Contact details:  [email protected]

                        call and leave a message on 0191 3037514

                        or complete the contact us enquiry form on this website.

CMACD is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and affiliated to the national charity Community Money Advice .  All advice is completely free, unconditional and confidential.


Video Consultation day

Opening Times


Annfield Plain

Tuesday / Thursday

13:00 to 15:00

Annfield Plain Community Centre, 23 Front, Annfield Plain, DH9 7SY



12:00 to 15:00

Brandon Community Centre, Brandon Lane, DH7 8SH

Chester le Street

Monday/ Wednesday

10:00 to 12:30

Bethel Church, Low Chare, Chester le Street, DH3 5HL



10:00 to 12:00

St Aidans Church, Eden Terrace, Chilton. DL17 0EJ


Wednesday/ Friday

10:00 to 12:00

Glenroyd House, Medomsley Road, Consett, DH8 5HL


Monday / Wednesday / Friday

12:30 to 14:30

Waddington Street URC, Waddington Street, Durham, DH1 4BG



10:30 to 12:00

St Luke’s Church Hall, Church Lane, Ferryhill, DL17 8LT

Newton Aycliffe

Wednesday / Friday 

13:30 to 15:30

St Clare’s Church, St Cuthberts Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 5NT



10:00 to 12:00

Trinity Methodist Church, Edward Street, Spennymoor, DL16 7NB



10:00 to 12:00

St Paul’s Centre, Whitworth Terrace, Spennymoor, DL16 7SL


Tuesday / Thursday

13:00 to 15:00

c/o Annfield Plain Cpmmunity Centre,  23 Front Street, Annfield Plain, DH9 7SY 

West Auckland


10:00 to 12:00

The Well, 46 East green, West Auckland, DL14 9HJ



14:15 to 16:00

Willington Open Door Methodist Church, Wesley Street, Willington, DL15 0AG