We are a support group who aim to improve the lives of children by working with grandparents and families.

“Imagine if you never see your grandchild, or are not allowed to have contact with them and you are concerned for their welfare.  It is like a living bereavement and tears you apart”


We aim to improve the lives of children and families, especially those who:

 Have lost or are losing contact with their grandchildren.

  • Are the sole carers for their grandchildren
  • Have childcare responsibilities.
  • Are interested in the education of their grandchildren, and/or concerned for their welfare.


We provide:

  •  Individual emotional support.
  • Mutual support from other grandparents who are experiencing similar situations.
  • A confidential and comfortable environment in which to meet.
  • A friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere.
  • Information and support from the Grandparents’ Association


We meet on the second Monday of the month from 12.30pm to 2.30pm at St Nicholas Church in Durham.